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Regarding our Retail Racking System.

Color is flexible.

Size is flexible.

Loading capacity is flexible. 


Quality is tough.

We carry the new generation 100% melamine tableware. - 100% BPA free.

- Europe Standard Passed. 

- USA FDA Standard Passed.

- 100% MONEY BACK               GUARANTEE.


The most intelligent 

Digital Door Veiwer.

Why different?

Because She is KNOCKO.

About us


For more than 10 years experience dealing with Far East factories. We help our clients completed different kinds of projects.

Just like planting, we enjoy the processing and also the result. 

We appreciate every single client give us the chance to work out the project together. 

In each project, we put all our effort, we learned something new, we shared some of our experience and we build up the relationship... 


Why do we care the quality? Because we are one of the consumers!


Thank you for all your support. 

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'The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.'